We are Kater Demos, the utopian political magazine. The editorial team, situated in Berlin and Cologne, kicks the status quo in its rear and creates the world of tomorrow. Armed with fresh ideas and utopias we pursue a humanistic approach: politics should be thought through from a human perspective and be fun. In our monothematic print issues we are committed to a critical, free society, which is neither without alternatives nor political apathy. We’re utopian ourselves: our magazine is journalistically independent and free from advertisement.

Our journalistic approach is based on the Scandinavian model of constructive journalism. This means that we are completing and expanding the critical analysis of current social states by discussing political solutions and placing projects, people and ideas at the centre of our work. Our first issue about democracy was published in autumn 2015, followed by issues on work and media. In the summer of 2017, #04 follows on surveillance. 

The magazine is published in German and available at train station- and airport bookshops, magazine stores, as well as online.